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Student Leadership Academy

Still have questions?


Kristi Yerian
Manager, Student Activities & Services

Student Leadership Academy FAQs

Still have questions about how Student Leadership Academy (SLA) works? Check out these frequently asked questions.

Q.  How long does each session last?
A.  The majority of our sessions are 60 minutes or less, but we do have a few 90 minute sessions. Check out the session descriptions for details.

Q.  Where are the sessions located?  

A.  Sessions will be held at both Kent State Stark and Stark State College. Refer to the SLA website for location details. Kent State Stark sessions will be held in the Main Hall Auditorium. Stark State College sessions will be held in M101 Business & Entrepreneurial Studies Center.

Q.  What happens if I need to arrive late or leave early for a session?  

A.  If arriving late, please make sure to sign-in! If you need to leave early, please try to sit near the door for less disruption.

Q.  It’s the end of the semester and I only have six sessions completed, do you offer any make-up sessions?

A.  Please note that we do not offer make-up sessions. You have the opportunity to complete two sessions outside of the regularly scheduled time frame: a service project or a mock interview. If you are unable to complete the program over the fall semester, you may pick up the remaining sessions you need in the spring to reach your seven sessions.

Q.  Do you offer the same sessions in the fall and spring?

A.  While we do repeat some of our more popular topics, we also try to add new sessions to appeal to returning participants and cover a broader range of topics.

Q.  Does Student Leadership Academy look good on a resume?

A.  Absolutely! For tips on how to indicate your participation in this program, please ask the coordinators.

Q.  If I earn a certificate this semester, can I earn another next semester?

A.  Yes, we have several students that have earned multiple certificates.

Q.  What is the recommended dress for Lunch with the Dean?

A.  We recommend business casual dress for our wrap-up luncheon.

Q.  If I’m unable to make the dinner; will I still be able to get my certificate?

A.  Yes, we will make special arrangements for you to pick up your certificate.

How do I arrange a mock interview?

A.   For Kent State Stark students, you can schedule a Mock Interview in person at the Academic Success Center or by calling 330-244-5050. For Stark State College students, you can schedule a Mock Interview in person at the Career Development Office or by calling 330-966-5459.

What is expected of me at a mock interview?

A.  A mock interview should be treated just as seriously as a professional interview. Take time to review interviewing preparation tips, FAQ’s, types of interviews, and any other information you can use to your advantage. Interviewing Preparation at Career Services is a good resource to use.

Q.  How much time should I plan for to complete a mock interview?
A.  Generally, a Career Development professional will set a full hour aside to conduct a Mock Interview.