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United States

Congress and the Nation Online (1945 - 2004)
Congress and the Nation has been the definitive resource for researchers studying the actions of the U.S. Congress. The online edition series combines the same content from the print volumes with a number of electronic features and functionality to make navigating this immense amount of content a smooth experience.
(Available to KSU authorized users)

Congressional Hearings Digital Collection Historical Archive, 1824-present
Provides full text for congressional hearings held from 1824 until present.
(Available to KSU authorized users)

Constitution of the United States
Full text of our nation's constitution.

CQ Almanac
Yearly review of major events and legislation related to the U.S. Congress starting in 1946.
(Available to KSU authorized users)

CQ Press Electronic Library
Searches all the CQ Press electronic resources at one time. Collections searched include: Congress and the Nation Online, Historic Documents Series Online, Political Handbook of the World Online, CQ's Poltics in America Online, CQ Researcher, Supreme Court Yearbook Online, Vital Statistics on American Politics, Washington Information Directory Online and CQ Weekly.
(Available to KSU authorized users)

CQ Press Voter Turnout in the U.S.
Provides election results from major political races from 1788-2009.
(Available to KSU authorized users)

Cyber Cemetery
Provides permanent public access to the electronic web sites and publications of defunct government agencies and commissions.

Declaration of Independence
From the National Archives and Records Administration, full text and commentary on the Declaration of Independence.

Provides access to more than 130 government bulletin boards.

Full-text State Statutes and Legislation on the Internet
Links to sites containing full-text state constitutions, statutes, legislation, and session laws.

Florida non-profit organization dedicated to promoting e-Government initiatives and interconnectivity between the federal, state and local levels of government with the citizens of Our Great Nation.

Proquest Congressional (Formerly LexisNexis)
Comprehensive service providing U.S. government-produced information.
(Available to KSU authorized users)

Military Intelligence
Unofficial web site for researchers, students, and interested browsers.

Supreme Court Yearbook Online (1989 - Current)
The Supreme Court Yearbook provides valuable in-depth coverage and analysis of every decision from the nation's highest court, including case summaries of every opinion written during each Supreme Court term, essays on the most significant cases from each year and the trends in each term, as well as useful tables and figures on voting patterns and trends in constitutional law.
(Available to KSU authorized users)

State and Local Governments
Meta-Indexes for State and Local Government Information from the Library of Congress.

Information on bills in Congress; access to the Congressional Record; and a primer on how a bill becomes a law.

U.S. Historical Documents - Chronology
A chronology of U.S. historical documents from Pre-Colonial to present.

Vital Statistics on The Presidency
Comprehensive statistical information related to the U.S. presidency, starting from 1789.
(Available to KSU authorized users)

Washington Information Directory Online
Washington Information Directory Online provides verified and updated mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and Web site addresses, contact names, and descriptions for 10,000 federal government offices, regulatory agencies, congressional committees, judicial offices, public interest groups, nongovernmental organizations, and international organizations.
(Available to KSU authorized users)

Executive Branch

The White House  


Agencies and Commissions

Legislative Branch

House of Representatives


General Accounting Office 
Performs audits and evaluations of Government programs and activities.

Government Printing Office 
Informs the Nation by producing, procuring, and disseminating printed and electronic publications of the Congress as well as the executive departments and establishments of the Federal Government.

Library of Congress
Search for materials held by the Library of Congress.

Judicial Branch

The Federal Judiciary
Functions as a clearinghouse for information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government.

Federal Judicial Center
The federal courts' agency for research and continuing education.

Sentencing Commission
Establishes sentencing policies and practices for the federal courts, advises Congress and the executive branch in the development of effective and efficient crime policy, and collects, analyzes, researches, and distributes a broad array of information on federal crime and sentencing issues.


CIA World Factbook
Facts and figures on countries of the world (each entry includes information on flag and map, geography, environment, people, government, economy, transportation, communications, defense).

Embassy Web
Spotlight onto web sites maintained by foreign representations all over the world.

Foreign Government Resources
A central reference and referral point for government information.

Yahoo!'s Countries Listing
An alphabetical listing of coutries throughout the world.