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Physics at Kent State Stark

Concerned with matter and energy, physics is a science based on precise measurements and broad generalizations. Freely translated, this means that physics is the study of what makes the universe tick - a study encompassing the largest and smallest scales of the universe; a study that attempts to explain all observed phenomena in terms of the least number of rules.

The discoveries and laws that have resulted from experimental and theoretical research in physics are basic to many of the other sciences - and to our way of life in the age of high technology.

Partial Degree Completion at Kent State Stark

Students can complete 2-3 years of study at Kent State Stark before transitioning to the Kent Campus to complete their degree.

Career Opportunities

Majors in physics are rarely qualified to fill positions in research or in teaching at the college level. They are, however, usually qualified to work as technicians or research assistants in engineering-related areas, in software development and other scientific fields, or in setting up computer networks and sophisticated laboratory equipment. Increasingly, some may qualify for applied research jobs in private industry or take on nontraditional physics roles, often in computer science, such as systems analysts or database administrators. Some become science teachers in secondary schools.