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Posting Announcements through the AAG Email Lists: 

Go to the AAG website and log in. In the yellow column on the right, go to "Communities" and choose the "My Communities" link. The next page that comes up will display the first four specialty groups you subscribe to. At the bottom, there is a link for "View All Subscribed Communities." Click that link to show all the email lists you can post on. Click on a particular list, then click "General Forum" and next click "Create New Topic." Note that you cannot copy and paste your message from any other (readable) document and paste it there -- you must type the message directly in the text box.

Subscribing to the CGSG Listserv:

(Operated through Oklahoma State University and moderated by Soyini Ashby, University of the West Indies) Please send an email to the following address: listserv@LISTSERV.OKSTATE.EDU with the following message in both the Subject line and the text box: "Subscribe CULTURALGEOG [your name]"


Executive Board

Chris Post
Chair | 2013-2015
Kent State University at Stark

Sara Beth Keough
Secretary-Treasurer | 2010-2014
Saginaw Valley State

Angela Subulwa
Awards Director | 2013-2015
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Nathaniel Lewis
Nominations Chair | 2013-2015
Dalhousie University

Sharon W. Adams
Program Director | 2010-2014
University of Texas

Don Colley
Grad Student Rep | 2013-2015
San Diego State University

Weronika Kusek
Grad Student Rep | 2012-2014
Kent State University

Beth Schlemper
Ex-Officio | Past CGSG Chair
University of Toledo