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*To search for student contact information, login to FlashLine and choose the "Directory" icon in the FlashLine masthead (blue bar).

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This secure site provides Kent State University students, faculty and administrative staff with world-class Intranet and Internet services. This is where you can check e-mail, charge your flashcard, register for courses, see calendars, and connect to everything Kent.

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Library Services:

This website is a link to all the Library and Media resources available both at the Stark location, throughout the other Kent Campuses, and Ohio libraries. You can review your library account, ask a librarian a question and review resources available.

This tab in flashline links you to information for the Kent Main library. For the most updated information for the library located at the Stark Campus please click the Library Services link on this page to be directed to the Stark library. The Stark Library has all the same research services available to you as the Kent Main library.

For more up to date information about library services please check the library home page.
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My HR:

This section of the website is setup to help employees review their employee information. Here you can find your pay stubs, benefit selections, other job opportunities, and forms. This site is always changing. Be sure to check the information on it regularly as it may have updated information on when to enroll in benefits or training.

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The section allows you to interact and communicate with other members of your organization using a set of powerful and easy to use group tools. You can join existing groups or request that one be setup. This section can be used by anyone who has a FlashLine account. If you need more information on it please click on the help link in the Groups page.

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University News, Announcements, and Information:

On the main page in FlashLine you can see there are many informative areas. You can see current and upcoming events. There are links to new sources for Kent community.

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A student's flashcard is used like a debit card on campus. You can pay for books, food, and printing with this card. You can add money to it through student services or online. If you would like to charge up your card you can setup an account by logging into FlashLine and scrolling down to the Campus Resources area. Here there is a section for FlashCard. If you can setup a login here so you can add money to your account or setup a guest login for parents to add money to your account. This is also the area where you can check what other businesses have discounts for FlashCard holder or accept it as a charge card. To manage your flashcard go to Kent State's Flashcard website at

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Where do I go to look for offered classes for the semester?

Flashline is the best place to look for classes.  After you login, select the Student Tool tab.  Select Access FlashFAST in the Registration Tools section.  Select Registration from the list and then choose Look Up Classes.  Additionally, there is always the schedule of classes book available from student services.

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Where do I go to register for classes?

Flashline is the best place to register for classes.  After you login, select the Student Tool tab.  Select Access FlashFAST in the Registration Tools section.  Select Registration from the list  to add classes, view a schedule of classes and see general registration information.

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It says I am locked out do to inactivity.

What this message means is you have not used your account in at least six months. If your account has been locked out when you try to login you will need to have your account enabled. To do this you can go to Student Services, East Wing Computer lab, or call the Kent Helpdesk (330-672-4357). You will need a photo id to have your account enabled.

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I forget my password can I get it reset?

 If you have forgotten your password simply click the forgot my password link. If you have setup the security questions prior to forgetting your password you can answer the questions and reset your password. If you have not setup done so than you will need a photo id and you can go to the East Wing Computer Lab and someone can help you. If it is after normal hours you can call the Kent Helpdesk and they can reset the password (330-672-4357).

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Flashzone WPA:

Flashzone is the wireless network that is available on the Kent Campuses. It will allow mobile computer equipment to logon without a wired connection. Currently our campus is upgrading the wireless network to allow better coverage. Windows XP, Windows Vista, and MAC 10.4 and higher are compatible with our system.

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What do I need to get on Flashzone?

For first time users you will need your laptop, your FlashLine username and password and a lab PC. You can download the instructions here or go to the East Wing Computer Lab, Library, or Campus Center Information Desk to pick them up. Keep in mind that the lab assistants will be happy to help you setup your laptop for our network, but we will not make any changes to your computer for you. If you have viruses or need other software modified you will need to consult your own computer technician.

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Do I have to change my password to Flashline?

Only if you have never changed your Flashline password. You need to change your password once to be able to gain access to campus computers, Kent wireless network and utilize Kent email system. 

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Can I use a Mac or PC?

Yes you can use either. Just be aware of your operating system before installing the utility needed for this campus. Just be sure that when you walk through the FlashZone installation you are selecting the correct operating system for the installation.

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Will this system work on other campuses?

At this time Stark Campus is setup differently than other campus's you will need to consult the local Network Services department for alternative setups.

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What kind of Operating system do I need?

FlashZone will run on Windows or MAC.

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This is an online atmosphere for professors to post course material, tests, and other resources that maybe useful during your course. Not every class utilizes this feature, so you may not have it on your Flashline account.

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What is my password?

Your password is the same as your FlashLine username and password.

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My teacher says I am not on their list?

If you are missing from the roster in class you either just added the class or your teacher needs to add you to the Blackboard list.

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How do I get to Blackboard?

To access Blackboard you must login to your FlashLine account and select the service on the home page.

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How do I print this power point with multiple slides per page?

You have to download the PowerPoint to the computer and opening it. Once in the PowerPoint go to the file menu and select print. This will bring up the options to change the printing. Change the slides to handouts and select how many you want per page. You can also print double sided to save on paper. Click on printing preferences, while still in the print screen, and select finishing. If you are in a lab that has a duplex printer (EW, library, and fine arts) you can click print on both sides. Click ok and ok again to print.

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