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Panopto at Stark Campus

Panopto at Stark Campus

Panopto is a software that allows you to create and manage multimedia course materials, which can then be viewed online by your students, using the robust web browser-based Panopto viewer.

Panopto is only licensed for Stark Campus use.

Site and Login Information

  • Account Setup
    • All Panopto accounts are set up through either Blackboard or Moodle integration.  This allows for automatic account creation and authentication as well as ease in linking to your Panopto videos in your courses.  Please refer to the Blackboard and Moodle Integration information below.
  • Blackboard Integration
    • Panopto is integrated with Blackboard Learn.  If you are a Learn user and would like a Panopto account created, please fill out this request form: Panopto/Blackboard Learn Configuration Request form.  This will create/manage accounts for you and your students through your Learn course.  It will also create a corresponding folder for your course on the Panopto server, where you can house your videos for easy student access.  Only students enrolled in your Learn course can access videos in your Panopto course folder. 

      NOTE: If you are requesting the Panopto building block for a combined course, the combined course will be configured for Panopto rather than the individual child sections. Please make sure the course sections are combined in Learn BEFORE submitting the Panopto/Blackboard request form (Course Combine Request Form).

    • Once the Panopto building block has been configured for your course(s), you must enable the Panopto tools in your course(s).  Please follow these instructions: Enabling Panopto Tools in Your Learn Course

    • Optional: If you want to add additional Panopto folders (beyond the default corresponding Panopto course folder), please follow these instructions: Adding Additional Panopto Folders to Your Learn Course.  This is useful when you want to re-use videos from course to course or semester to semester and do not want to copy/move the videos into each individual course‚Äôs Panopto folder.

    • Once your Learn courses are configured for Panopto and the tools enabled, you can link to your Panopto videos directly from your Learn course.  You can either link to individual Panopto videos or you can link to all linked Panopto folders.  Please follow these instructions: Linking to Panopto Presentations in your Learn Course
  • Moodle Integration
    • Panopto is integrated with Moodle as well.  If you want to use Panopto with Moodle, please email your course names/numbers to Katie Baer to request configuration.

Panopto Help Resources

In-person and online support resources are available for Stark Campus faculty, staff, and students.

In-Person Support

Important Note: Please contact your designated KSU Stark point of contact for support (listed below); please do not contact Panopto directly.  You should share the Student Support information below with your classes.

Faculty Support 

Katie Baer
Educational Technology Designer
447 Main Hall
330-244-3447 (x53447)


Student Support

Stark Campus Helpdesk
KSU Online Support:
Support Ticket Information: If you fill out a support ticket, make sure to select "Request Type = Software & Application Support" and "Software/Application = Panopto"


Panopto Webinars

Panopto hosts monthly webinars.  Basic webinars are presented on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, while advanced webinars are presented the 4th Wednesday of each month.  These webinars are available to any Panopto licensed institution.  Some of the advanced webinars are archived for on-demand viewing.

Our initial training webinar (with information specific to KSU Stark) was presented on January 9, 2013.  The recording may be viewed anytime.  NOTE: At the time of the webinar, the Blackboard integration was not yet set up, so there may be some outdated information about that.

Online Support

*Note: These are general use guides from Panopto Support.  Whenever they refer to the Panopto server domain or URL, please use

Panopto Frequently Asked Questions

Viewing Panopto Videos

Recording New Videos (Panopto Focus 4)

More Panopto Focus 4 Documentation

Working With Drop Boxes

Uploading Pre-Created Videos (Panopto Unison)

  • Upload Videos with Unison (Video)
  • Upload Video Files from the New Sessions Page (Instructions)
  • Upload Video Files from the Editor (Instructions)
More Panopto Unison Documentation