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Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 Help Resources

This page contains step-by-step instructional guides for various tasks in Microsoft Excel 2010 (most apply to Excel 2007 as well).  At the bottom of this page, you'll also find other resources such as online training courses and videos.

Step-By-Step Instruction Guides

The following are links to Excel instructional guides from Microsoft's website.  They are grouped by topic -- just click the topic name to expand the section and view the links.

Can't find what you're looking for?  Check out Microsoft's Excel Help site and use the search to look it up.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2010
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software which is part of the Microsoft Office suite. 

This software can be used for many purposes, including databases, calendars, accounting, budgeting, time sheets, grade books, and more. 

For a more detailed overview of the program, check out the following link:
Quick Start: Basic Tasks in Excel


Workbooks and Worksheets

A workbook is a single Excel file; a collection of worksheets.
Create a new workbook

A worksheet is an individual spreadsheet within a workbook; the workable area where data is entered.
Insert or delete a worksheet
Rename a worksheet
Move or copy a worksheet


Saving your Excel Workbooks
Save a workbook


Select, Edit, and Enter Data

Formatting Cells and Worksheets

Sorting and Filtering Data

Formulas and Functions

Getting Started
Overview of formulas
Create a formula
Create or delete a formula
Delete or remove a formula
Excel functions (by category)
Function reference
Use a function in a formula
Use Formula AutoComplete

Examples of Formulas and Functions
Examples of commonly used formulas
Insert the current date and time
Calculate the average of a group of numbers
Calculate percentages
Count how often a value occurs
Calculate a running balance
Calculate the median of a group of numbers
Calculate the smallest or largest numbers in a range
Convert measurements
Combine two or more columns by using a function
Split text among columns by using functions
Change the case of text by using a function

More Information
Define and use names in formulas
Display the relationship between formulas and cells
Create or change a cell reference
Switch between relative, absolute, and mixed references
Calculation operators and precedence

Error Checking and Troubleshooting
Find and correct errors in formulas
Use error checking to correct common errors in formulas
Correct a #DIV/0! error
Correct a #N/A error
Correct a #NAME? error
Correct a #NUM! error
Correct a #REF! error
Correct a #VALUE! error