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2014-15 Colloquium Committee:
Joel Carbonell (Chair)
Mary Gallagaher
Paula Sato
Deepraj Mukherjee


Faculty Colloquium

2013-2014 Faculty Colloquium

Friday, March 7 at 5 p.m.

Library Conference Room
Refreshments provided, but feel free to bring additional snacks and beverages.

Kim Finer
Genetically Modified Organisms and Food: Faction, Fiction, Myths and Musings

The mention of genetically modified foods or organisms (GMOs) often provokes fear or anger in consumers. Unfortunately, the public perception of this area of science frequently comes from misinformation and erroneous reports in the public domain. In this colloquium, I will present some basic science regarding production of GMOs as well as information about currently approved crops. I will also address and hopefully debunk some often-repeated myths associated with the topic.

Mitch McKenney
What the Media Won't Tell You, and Why

News stories about hot-button issues — including stories in Kim Finer's GMO presentation — raise classic issues of gatekeeping, agenda-setting, bias and blind spots. Complicated stories take more skill and time, always have, so they're more likely to go unreported in this era of shrinking news outlets. In this talk, I'll give a state-of-the-craft report that explores professional practice, the news/editorial firewall, how media narratives get established and how social media fit in.

Friday, Nov. 15, 2013 at 5 p.m.
Library Conference Room
Refreshments provided, but feel free to bring additional snacks and beverages.

Katrina Bloch
Construction of a National Identity as White and the Immigrant "Other"

Katrina Bloch examines how Anti-Immigrant groups construct a national identity in relation to an immigrant “other,” as evidenced in websites and online discussions. Her work analyzes the rhetorical strategies employed by anti-immigrant social movement actors to justi-fy their support for immigrant restrictionist social policies, pulling from and reinforcing rac-ist and sexist ideology in the United States.

Christopher Post
Having it Both Ways? Heritage and Amenity in the Developing American West

Christopher Post investigates how in-migrant populations and visitors appropriate relic cultural landscapes of the rural American West. His work examines how these popula-tions develop a rural Colorado valley’s cemetery and one-room schoolhouse as cultural amenities, while long-established ranchers defend these landscapes of their own heritage against such co-optation.